• Brian Dinga

    • Everything on the internet & new media has started with the smallest idea and grown to an achievable goal. The need for expressing a simple idea or establishing a global outlet to reach cliental can all be achieved in this golden era of technology.

The internet has established a bridge of possibilities where there were none before. As much as technology is an important part of the internet you still need the right people to deploy it in interesting and effective ways. The creation of a web-related industry has brought professionals together that haven't traditionally worked together. In this industry the right person in the right place can make an important difference in the life cycle of website or application.

After over ten years experience creating & maintaining websites I still describe myself as a Web/Media Developer/Designer as any combination of those four words can apply. While I do have the skills needed to design a website application and successfully deploy it, I often fill the gaps where needed. While in the project cycle I often shift between the role of dedicated Web Programmer and "Jack-of-all-trades" Web Designer.

My experience & creativity enhances my ability to problem solve and think outside the box. It has been an invaluable asset when exploring solutions to technical and non-technical issues. Most of my experience resides in Flash ActionScript, HTML, CSS, mySQL, PHP, JavaScript including jQuery and combing any number of those tools into an integrated web-application. I welcome any challenge that can be accomplished with the tools available. Whenever possible I take considerations of good interface design, end-user experience, degradation, mobile support and search engine optimization.

Strong development & planning is important for the successful deployment of interactive experiences. Following best practices like Object-Oriented-Programming and Relational-Database-Design makes it possible to reshape an application without the need to overhaul when the website matures into something beyond its original inception. When these key fundamentals are followed it ensures longevity of web-technology-related pursuits.

I Look forward to cultivating your ideas into reality.
Brian Dinga