• Brian Dinga

    • Everything on the internet & new media has started with the smallest idea and grown to an achievable goal. The need for expressing a simple idea or establishing a global outlet to reach cliental can all be achieved in this golden era of technology.

Vanilla Moulding

Vanilla Moulding

Built on a prior established closed-source framework, it was expanded to use the latest jQuery and Ajax based elements to develop a dynamic user experience. We achieved this by combining a broad spectrum of jQuery plugins and custom elements. This was furthered with good planning, structure, layout and hierarchy.

A unique feature that was created was to display a different number of products 'per page'. While there are many solutions to address this; it was decided to create an algorithm that would determine the items to display using mathematics and a single mySQL query negating the need for caching. Thus when you browse through the product-listing sections you will see a different number of products per page.

Role: PHP Development, Front-end UI implementation including CSS additions and modifications

Design by: Dep Media
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DVI Lighting Canada

DVI Lighting Canada

DVI was a website that I had contributed to the first and second version build including the Flash-Based Virtual Home Decorator feature. The Virtual Home Decorator allows users to upload a photo and overlay DVI's products into the photo to simulate the addition of their product to their home and additionally allowed for them to save, send or export what they have created. It includes a front-end 'add to' functionality that allowed users to 'pre-select' items in the Virtual Home Decorator.

During the relaunch this website; it was expanded to use a custom built Store Locator (Dealer Locator) which includes a Third-Party API.

Role: PHP Development, Maintenance, Front-end UI implementation including CSS additions and modifications

Design by: Dep Media
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Palette Furniture

Palette Furniture

My contribution to Palette Furniture included taking the website from a layered document to a HTML & CSS template. We applied a closed-source framework and made improvements. This was among the first to use our custom templating framework which adds to the speed at which the site loads. Other custom elements include a search method that manipulates search keywords to 'clean up' the word and additionally 'score' the search results. This method additional improves the quality of the search results and performance.

Role: PHP Development, Maintenance, Front-end UI implementation including CSS

Design by: Dep Media
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Dep Media

Dep Media

Dep Media won a regional award for this Flash-based website. The look & feel was generated from our creative department.

My role was to take the creative elements that were desired and implement them into the user experience. Many of the elements were custom built including an XML based content feed, MovieClip Management and API Integration. Other steps were taken to ensure that some content would still be indexed despite being built in Flash.

Role: ActionScript Development, Maintenance, UI implementation

Design by: Dep Media
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Taco Bell - DLT

Taco Bell - DLT

This project was concieved as way for DLT (Doritos Locos Tacos) fans to celebrate the Canadian Release of Taco Bells' new Taco. Upon completion of the project we were able to reuse the created JavaScript quickly and without issue in several other projects. This was thanks to good code structure and the creation of 'code hooks' so that future implementations wouldn't need to change the core JavaScript. This project has been through multiple phases; all of which were updated efficently.

Role: Lead Developer, UI Implementation (Desktop version)

Design by: GRIP Ltd.
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Telus is one of the 'big three' telecoms in Canada. Telus required continuous updates and always had multifaceted requirements; between the trifecta speed, quality & cost the answer is always "all three". This projected required supporting analytics, accessibility, reporting, personalization & tag management tools.

Working on Telus projects always required self-driven development and working within large teams with complex solutions; while still advancing your teammates and yourself across four timezones. The focus of my time at Telus was to mentor Junior Developers, recruitment, support vendors, enhance performance, support cultural projects, and implement features with Enterprise APIs.

During my time at Telus I also attempted to advocate a digital presence in the retail spaces, contributed to cultural initiatives and pitched maker projects.

Role: Senior Developer, Mobility Commerce & My Account (Mobility)

Design by: Telus
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Facebook Applications & Tabs*

Facebook Applications and Tabs can be implemented simply. However when we created Facebook applications we used both Front & Backend APIs when appropriate. Most Facebook Applications that I developed were temporary contest sites. Their lifetime was very short.

Role: PHP Development, Front-end UI implementation

Instant Win Contest*

A recurring contest. User actions and activity triggered a time-based algorithm that determined if the visitor won a prize. This Contest also required other random prizes and other tools to ensure the automation of the website. All prizes were of limited quantity.

Role: Application Planning, PHP Development, Front-end UI implementation

Digital Music E-Commerce*

An E-Commerce web-store that sold digital files. Various elements included a Commission System, Reporting, Payment Integration, Web-Advertising and other security features to keep files hidden while still allowing previews.

Role: Application Planning, PHP Development, Maintenance, Front-end UI

Social-Video Voting*

This site was developed to address the need to collect Fan-Videos from a sporting event and convert them into a web friendly video format using PHP. During the inception of this website we could not use a Third-Party.

The solution involved Cron Jobs and FFMPEG enabled host to automate the process and other methods to ensure we only converted one video at a time as to not overload the server. We also created thumbnails from the video as a preview which required detailed command-line instructions.

Phase 2 was to create a social voting website; but unfortunately did not get past prototype.


I have taken part of many websites that are based in Wordpress which includes custom plugin development, existing plugin patching/customizations and creating Wordpress Themes.

*May not be specifically credited due to too various issues. A general outline is provided.