• Brian Dinga

    • Everything on the internet & new media has started with the smallest idea and grown to an achievable goal. The need for expressing a simple idea or establishing a global outlet to reach cliental can all be achieved in this golden era of technology.

For your convenience the following files are available for public access. Please contact me if you wish to receive a list of references or require more information.


Durham College - Oshawa, Ontario - Three Year Multimedia Design Degree in addition to constant self-education and exploration of emerging technologies.

Topics Covered
  • Design, 3D Animation, Video & Audio Editing
  • Flash, HTML
  • OOP Programming, Relational Database Design, ASP and PHP
  • Keen understanding of asynchronous applications
Prior Employment
  • Mixed roles in Web-Related Field of 10 Years
  • Approximately 3 Years as a Web Designer
  • Approximately 10 Years as a Web Developer
  • More than 2 and a half years as a Full-Time Freelancer
Noteable Projects
  • Kronal Vessel Viewer (Kerbal Space Program Mod with 400k downloads)
  • Taco Bell DLT
  • Instant Win Contest Sites
  • Facebook Applications
  • Digital Music Store
  • Promotional Kiosk Interactive Slot-Machine-Based Game
  • Please visit Portfolio for more information